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Handicap Chair Lift for Stairs

If you are a person with disabilities or someone in your family is confronted with such a difficulty, you might think that having full access to areas which are only accessible by going over a stair is a serious problem. While staircases usually pose some serious difficulties for people suffering from motor disabilities, that is no longer the case. The most effective solution to such a problem is the handicap chair lift for stairs.

Handicap chair lifts for stairs are divided in several categories depending on several factors. Depending on their type, the chair lift for stairs can come in the form of a platform, designed to enable access for wheel chairs over a stair, or a mobile chair placed on a similar platform, intended to be used by people who are not confined to wheelchairs, but still find climbing or descending a staircase difficult or uncomfortable. While different in purpose and design, most types function on a quite similar principle, by having the chair or platform driven by an electric motor, slide along a rail fastened to the side of the rail.

Since staircases are susceptible to being a breeding place for accidents, like falling, or since the sustained use of a staircase causes significant wear on the knees and ankles, installing handicap lift for stair can be both a mobility improvement, and also a long term investment in the health of its users.

A chair lift for stairs can be used by everyone, not only those with special needs, providing the same mobility advantage to everyone. While helpful in its main purpose, a chair lift for stairs can be of tremendous help in other uses as well. Carrying grocery bags, or other heavy objects up a stair it surely is difficult, and a help of an electrical chair lift for stair to take some of the load it is sure to come in handy.